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Amazing Teammates

Brand is about to human feelings.
Jeremy Corman
Founder & CEO. Millennial. Fell in love with digital marketing and data analytics 10 years ago.
Stephan Salberter
Co-founder & CMO. 25 years experience in Brand Development. Leading 19 network 42 coding platform.
Alexander Kolchin
Full-stack developer with 20 years experience. Master of Mathematics and Computer Science. Expert in Java & Google Cloud Platform.
Fabien Andreacola
8 years experience in design and web development.
Danil Chubiryaev
Java Programmer, skills focused on web advertising, web analytics and web development.
Muhammad Siddique
13+ years experience in software development. Expert in Back-end development with Java and PHP languages. Proficient in Facebook App Development and Amazon Web Services.
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2120 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
+1 (424) 373-5247
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41 drève des renards
1180 Brussels
+32 478 84 65 12
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Rue de l'Etat-Tiers, 5/031
4000 Liège
+32 495 44 04 65
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